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Crazy Hands in a foam party

Here is a list of some people known for one reason or another by a large amount of people on campus.

Crazy HandsEdit

Perhaps the most famous of Kent's current campus celebrities, Crazy Hands is well known for dancing in the Venue in a variety of costumes or normal clothes with white gloves. To the best of most people's knowledge Crazy Hands has never been seen drinking. Crazy Hands has been a part of campus life for longer than most, leading to speculation of his degree program changing yearly, however he has recently graduated and now works for Kent Union whilst still maintaining his dancing ways and participation with the badminton society and Football Fans group.

Photo Bomb GirlEdit

She is less well known as an individual but her effect is found by many unsuspecting party-goers who find their photos
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Photo Bomb Girl seen here with a copy-cat attempter and a young couple in love

ruined by Photo Bomb Girl. Photo Bomb Girl also frequents the Venue to pray on the unsuspecting public. Perhaps the photographers of the events are in on the joke; perhaps her timing and dedication is beyond the norm. But Photo Bomb Girl is a growing personality that many only become aware of after a night out.

Singing out-loud GirlEdit

This girl is often seen and heard walking up past Tyler Court onto campus, and often between the library and Essentials, singing out loud to her music. The frequency of her sightings and the lack of caring she displays makes her a person of interest on campus and a video of one of her first appearences can be found here

Boombox GuyEdit

Boombox Guy can often be seen walking around campus with one of his supposedly massive collection of vintage boomboxes, obviously noticable due to the loud tunes eminating from it.