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Located in Eliot College and run by Kent hospitality, Mungos bar is a modern, slightly space-age, bar-turned-club set up. Most nights it's a relatively peaceful affair with tables and chairs taking up most of the floor and TVs dotted around the walls with BBC News, various sports channels and music channels on. There's a small side room with a pool table, an XBox 360, some cozy little couches and yet more tables - the Xbox 360 comes with several controllers so you and friends can thrash out whatever grudge you have in a digital showdown of FIFA. In terms of events, Mungoes holds a weekly quiz on Mondays and hosts the University improv comedy troupe "Monkeyshine". Finally, on a Friday the tables and chairs are swept aside in favour of a large dancefloor turning Mungoes into an adhoc club which blasts out whatever's on the latest 'Now 4000' CD - known as 'Magic Mungos' this event generally packs out every week. In the daytime Mungo's serve a collection of burgers, sandwiches, salads, chips, a selection of desserts especially waffles and milkshakes  among other things. On ocasion Mungos takes over Eliot hall as well to make 'Massive Mungos' one of the biggest nights on campus.

A link to their facebook page can be found here for up-to date information.