Located in Darwin College, Origins is a Tex-Mex themed bar with two pool tables and a large seating area - it's often considered a bit of a trek for many students as Darwin College is furthest from most of the other colleges and the opposite end of campus from Parkwood. This aside, Origins often feels more like a restaurant than any of the other bars but it still definitely qualifies for a drink in the evening - the TV's typically show a sports channel or whatever big game is on at that moment. Evening events include a weekly quiz on sundays and the infamous 'Ruby Tuesdays' indie night which, like Friday's Magic Mungo's, packs out every night. Some argue that Origin's layout makes the Ruby Tuesdays experience cramped and very humid but is very popular none the less. In the daytime and early evenings Origins serves a selection of Tex-Mex style food including tortillas, nachos, burgers, meatballs with pasta and others with a few desserts. Around mid-day there is often a pianist playing pop-culture tunes.