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The long tables of the pit area

The Penny Theatre is one of the most student orientated bars off campus, providing cheap food and comparitivly cheap drinks with many offers throughout the week. Located in the Northgate area of the city the Penny is often though of as out of the way for many students going to clubs in town or The Venue but is often very busy and can be a trial to find a seat despite the suprisingly large size of the inside. The Penny is popular for its many TVs and big screen projector for showing sport.

Currently the Penny Theatre offers half priced food and money off pints and spirits with their Yellow Card; which can be bought by students for £1; making it a well worth offer.

Details of each night at the PennyEdit

  • Mondays are a fairly quiet night at the Penny but is billed as Jumpers of r Goal posts with games taking place, however often this is just a small pool competiion. One notable deal on this night is Double Cuban's cocktails for £1.99 co-inciding with the Penny being used as a warm up to people going clubbing in Cuban later that night. 
  • Tuesdays are notable for their buy one get one free cocktails deal making tuesdays a ladies night feel.
  • Wednesdays are sport social nights where certain sports teams from CCCU and UKC utilise the Penny's large seating options for socials and pizzas being half price.
  • Thursdays is one of the buisiest nights known as Quids In. there is often a queue formed outside of people wiling to pay £1 entry for the chance of drinks staing from £1. 
  • Fridays alternate between live bands and a resident DJ known as This Aint No Disco this night promotes many local bands. 
  • Saturdays are often popular as many sports are shown such as premier league football and international rugby.
  • Sundays are quiz night starting at around 8:30pm and is a very busy night.