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The venue is the Students Union run on campus night club for the party going crowd of the university. The queue for the Venue is often unpredictible, with bouncers slowing the flow inside to allow the crowds to get past the bar, this method is often derised by the crowds waiting outside in the often poor conditions. During Welcome Week or freshers week as it is often known the queue often reachers Eliot college and is known as 'fresher busy'. 

On certain 'larger' nights the Venue opens up its upstairs neighbour the Attic for all.

Current NightsEdit

The Venue is currently open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Wednesdays are open to all but aimed at sport socials with chart and cheese music played run by Flirt this night is often refered to as 'Vensday'

Fridays are House/drum and bass/dubb step nights.

Saturdays are run by SOAP who provide themed nights such as 'UV Traffic Light Party' or 'Angels V's Deamons'.

Full information of the Venue's nights can be found on the Venue's Facebook


As a SU run venue the Venue's prices reflect that by being on the slightly cheaper side of things.

Pints of Strongbow, Carlesburg and Snakebite are priced at £2 each or can be bought in four pint jugs for £6.

Cheap VS drinks can be bought for £2 as well, however unless special deals are on spirits and mixers cost on the higher end of things at around £3.20.