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Located in Parkwood, Woody's is a modern take on the 'hunting lodge' style image with lots of wooden beams and just generally wood everywhere - it comes with a pool table and some TVs that typically broadcast a music channel. For anyone not in Parkwood, Woody's is a bit of a trek and it's complete lack of major evening events mean it's generally shunned by anyone other than Parkwood residents who typically use it for a quiet drink or before moving on to somewhere else, and sports teams fresh from playing on the parkwood pitches. It's food menu consists of the legendary Stack Burger, made up of enough calories to give you a corollary on the spot but otherwise very filling, but also it does chips and other burgers and mains such as lassagna. It does run a quiz night and all the big games (or small if you ask nicely) are shown here so it can get quite busy on these nights. 

A link to Woodys facebook page can be found here for current information.